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There are many opinions and misconceptions about headless, but in this whitepaper, you’ll learn exactly what headless is, and the tools we recommend to build a headless application.

There are plenty of reasons to go headless. However, there are just as many reasons not to - and it can be super expensive to make the wrong choice

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I've used Headless setups both in personal and professional endeavors, and I'm a big fan. The combination of a highly customizable CMS and a custom-built frontend is what makes it a great solution for ambitious and detail-oriented brands and e-commerce businesses. Building Headless on top of Shopify is combining the most user-friendly CMS and commerce platform with the best user experience for your customers.
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Lasse Rosendahl RavnProduct Manager, Truestory
We went with a headless architecture because it brings a lot of the customizations we wanted to control directly to our fingertips.
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Rares CrisanFormer Director of Engineering, Kotn
The best thing that has happened in web development recently is no doubt; headless. You are able to create highly interactive apps, implement just about any technology you like. This makes it possible to build solutions which doesn't comprise any aspect of your business. In this whitepaper I have shared my ideal setup, which takes advantage of some of the latest cutting edge features.
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Anders SøgaardHead of Development, Grafikr

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